Dream Team


João Sousa


The Oporto Sensations tour was founded by João Sousa in 2015.
After finishing college in 2007, with a specialization in recreation and leisure activities, he early began to organize different tourist activities, and quickly realized that this was his way.
He was born and lives in the Porto city, and is an eternal lover of the city.
It has several formations in the area of management, tourism, and wines. All this knowledge, enables him to offer to the clients, a very personal and complete view of the entire surrounding area of the Porto city.
Fun, communicator and always with a smile on his face, are the aspects that characterize him.
He loves transmitting all the knowledge that has come to acquire over the years and meet people from all over the world.
Family, traveling and doing sports are one of the aspects that gives more value.


Pedro Sousa


Pedro Sousa is João Sousa's brother. An older brother, with a great knowledge about Portugal.
An excellent guide, specialized in wines and Douro Valley history. Is a cheerful person who loves to talk and provide customers with unforgettable moments, always being attentive to the details that can make all the difference.
He was born and lives in the Porto city, he loves to explore new regions, as well as discover new places still unknown to many people. This need for discovery, made him and his brother, in 2013 crossed Portugal by bicycle. There were almost 800km, of adventures, new discoveries, and of course, many stories to tell.
A person always worried about the well-being of all, where his calm is the aspect that characterizes him most.